Vishal Vanne: Demonic doctor confesses to rape, wanted to make dad proud

Dr Vishal Vanne wanted to make his daddy proud and said as much on his Facebook profile. It looked like he was well on his way. Barely 27 years old, he was working as the resident doctor at Lotus Hospital in Vashi. On the personal front, too, he seemed to be on his path to achieving the middle-class ideal of a ‘well-settled’ life, albeit with a rather illiterate student who happened to be studying in California. Well, perhaps things weren’t quite as peachy on that front. Further investigations of both their public social networking profile revealed that the girlfriend wasn’t entirely delighted with the way her beau demonstrated his affections.She even left this message on her profile on July 20: I hate people publicly showing for thr so called attention……nw that one’s fr u VISHAL..better watch it. In Dr Vanne’s public profile, he takes a stand against deforestation, but perhaps the same principles didn’t apply to deflowering.

In any case, Dr Vishal Vanne probably ‘watched it’ with his vigilant girlfriend from that point on, but he certainly didn’t extend the same courtesy to a woman who was rushed into his hospital on the night of October 17. Dizzy and in a confused state after falling sick at a Durga Puja Pandal, the 30-year-old woman was taken to the intensive care unit of Lotus Hospital, where the ‘healing hands’ of Dr Vanne awaited her. Little did she know that her nightmare was only just beginning.

If this NDTV report is to be believed, Dr Vanne was having a relatively easy night at the hospital. Instead of refreshing his knowledge with Gray’s Anatomy, however, he decided to get his anatomical instructions from porn clips on his mobile phone. Creepy, yes, but still not a big deal.

When the patient was brought to him, the good doctor decided to give her a saline drip (perhaps that’s a euphemism in his book) and declared she needed his care. Alone. The female nurse on duty, therefore, was dispatched from the room. Then, it was time for some TLC, Dr. Vanne style. As the porn flicks he so lovingly perused might have put it, it was time to administer a meat injection.

How that awful Saturday night passed for the victim, it is impossible to fathom. Weakened and terrified, she did not raise an alarm while Dr. Vanne assaulted her. The next morning, however, she told her horrified husband everything. As is to be expected, the hospital tried to cover up the little ‘mishap’ but this time the effort failed. Her husband explained that she had been sedated and was afraid Vanne would strangle or smother her and pass off her death a an outcome of her illness.

More tellingly, however, medical reports confirmed that she had been sexually assaulted. In addition, there was semen recovered from her clothes, his stinking underwear and the bedclothes. To top it all off, Vishal Vanne confessed to his crime. He was duly carted off to jail and the hospital slapped with a show-cause notice. The only question we’re left with is why. The ready answer is that Vishal Vanne was a sexually frustrated pervert and hypocrite who happened to be a doctor who thought he could play god.

It looks like his girlfriend is still praying for him if this nearly undecipherable October 19 message on her public Facebook profile is to be believed: when temple was 2 mins walk away never made an attempt to visit bhagwan n nw here in US,changed 2 buses,travelled 2 hours to visit bhagwan……..hey bhagwan

But here’s my prescription (humane version) for Dr. Vishal Vanne: Chemical castration.

    • S
    • November 17th, 2010

    Chilling. Every bit as nightmarish as some of the Hollywood horror stories on doctors “gone crazy”.

    Though I found it interesting that the doctor “confessed” to his crime — hardened criminals usually deny everything and refuse to co-operate. This guy was definitely evil but not hardened. No doubt, after some hot shot lawyer is employed the Doctor is going to go back on his confession. Confessions made in front of the police are not admissible in a court of law. I also wonder if the Hospital is going to help with the investigation because they may be scared of getting their reputation “ruined”.

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